Ahead of CCM elections

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Ahead of CCM elections

On 5th of August of 2019 on the initiative of ‘’Positive People Armenian Network’’ NGO held a meeting with TB patients and former patients at the National Center for TB of RA.

The NGO has been conducted similar meetings with the above mentioned vulnerable groups for four consecutive years. The main purpose of the meetings has been support of implementation of people-centered care model in RA, identifying of sectorial issues, raising awareness and creation of productive working ties among direct beneficiaries and managing actors of TB sphere.

The agenda was introduced to participants at the beginning of the meeting after which the main topics were delivered. TB patients and former TB patients were provided information about TB REP 2 regional program, project’s implementation mechanisms and the procedural description of the CCM* member selection. The participants also were informed about action plan and procedural tools of ‘’TB out of barriers’’ project.

Within next stage of the meeting mentors provided information about CCM. Participants gained comprehensive knowledge concerning goal of institution, structure, staff, activities and followed principles of the CCM.

After providing general information about CCM the trainers focused on description of CCM Armenia. In particular were presented the main projects for which CCM Armenia is responsible and supervised. Algorithm of selection CCM members among vulnerable groups, format and agenda items of CCM Armenia meetings were introduced to participants as well.

During the question and answer session participants were interested in achievements of TB sphere which was facilitated by CCM Armenia. The presenters described in details the key changes and achievements that had been achieved as a result of CCM Armenia actions. Indeed, the description of specific cases helped to show the situation zoomed and in-depth. At the end of the meeting the majority of participants confirmed their participation in the nomination and selection of a TB community representative in upcoming CCM elections. They also asked to consider their participation in elections through digital applications in case of having problems with their health or their absence from the country.

* The Country Coordinating Mechanism against HIV/AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria of the Republic of Armenia (CCM) was created according to the approval of the project proposal on the HIV/AIDs prevention of the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and to the decisions on the current prevailing strategies of the HIV/AIDs with the goal to perform the allocation and continuous surveillance of the financial means of the Global Fund.

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