Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding

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Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding

In June 2019 has been launched ‘’ TB out of barriers’’ project.  Prerequisite for the implementation of the project was signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ‘’ Positive People Armenian Network’’ NGO and the National Center for Tuberculosis of RA (NTC). The document was signed based on registered positive experience of cooperation of those institutions within past years. The MOU which was signed on 1st of August, 2019 at NTC will communicate the mutually accepted expectations of the parties. Officially it will give an opportunity:

-to ensure community-based monitoring team activities which will detect interrupted treatment cases in a timely manner and work to improve treatment efficacy indicators,

-to conduct monitoring of satisfaction of the medical staff as well as patients which will  allow to improve the provision of people-centered quality TB care services,

-to provide conference hall for TB community meetings at NTC.


Since 2016 ‘’Positive People Armenian Network’’ Social NGO with the support of the TB REP regional program has been implementing a project in order to prevent TB in Armenia.

Within the framework of the project and with the cooperation of National Center for TB of RA decades activities have already been done:

-Conduction of qualitative surveys among TB cabinet physicians and 260 patients with TB,

-advocacy strategy development based on national and international reports,

-promotion activities to increase TB case detection among the population,

-elimination of stigma and discrimination against patients via PSAs

-educate the community and give an overview of issues concerning TB by public awareness campaigns,

-increasing the capacity of TB patients within TB community meetings,

-providing accurate coverage of TB issues through education of media representatives,

-facilitating of having collaborative network between sector players and direct beneficiaries,

-conducting Research on Possibilities of Social contracting Mechanisms in RA (on the example of TB)

-establishing a TB Community-based Monitoring Group for ensuring treatment adherence.

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