Capacity-building workshop for TB patients

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Capacity-building workshop for TB patients

On December 21, 2018 the 6th final meeting with TB patients was held at the PPAN NGO. The quantity of the meetings was connected with working plan of ‘’Changes are possible. Act now’’ project.

Almost all stakeholders of this meeting have participated in analogical meeting for the first time. PPAN’s peer consular had already met these patients, when they were in stationary treatment stage and encouraged them to participate in these monthly meetings as well. Within the meeting, PR manager of the NGO talked about the goals and achievements of the regional TB program which have been run for the third consecutive year. She step by step presented all duties that have been implemented during the program and referred the positive results obtained on the basis of the advocacy activities. In the next part of the meeting the NGO psychologist talked about the role of attendees in this work and the importance of their direct participation in advocacy activities. Psychologist highlighted importance of professionals’ help and support during patients’ treatment course, the mechanisms to avoid depression which surely will help these new actors to be involved in the process of project running. She explained in details what factors complicated the patient’s depression and what help people get rid of it. Psychologist noted that TB patients often have a sense of non-interest, low self-esteem and guilt.

But how to fight against all these factors, how to overcome and never stop the process of treatment?

During the process of finding a psychological solution to each question, the attendees together with the psychologist carried out a small test and a specific analysis. Psychologist directed those who avoid resorting the issue get in touch with NGO staff for professional support in any time.

NGO’s peer counselor, social worker and lawyer spoke with the attendees about all the issues and difficulties that TB beneficiaries can face during their ambulatory treatment. Particularly the topics were about reduction of social assistance packages in the field of TB, regulations for getting new cards, involvement of disability group, registering in the family benefit system and free medical care.

Meeting which was lasted more than 3 hours was full of thematic distribution and the capacity-building tools delivery to TB beneficiaries. The attendees expressed their gratitude to NGO staff and noted the necessity of such gatherings.

At the end of the year-end meeting, the participants were provided with food packages, which were provided by the “House On Rock” partner organization.

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