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Karen is from Gyumri, a region where recorded an extreme poverty rate of Armenia.

There is no job, no conditions for living … whole string of failures which possibility of shut was find out by moving to Russia.

No desire to form a new family and from his family only brother had agreed to support his.

Wasting time on hoping to find a way out by alcohol. After all, another effort to return home.

His brother’s care did not stop even at that distance. As a result of his brother’s search “The house on the hill” center was found. This Centre has been created for those who eventually decided to stay away from the alcohol and drugs and start a new life. Brother resigned Karen to rehabilitation center. For the Center’s residents PPAN NGO based on collaboration experience, conducted activities which linked with TB/HIV, Hepatitis early detection, referral and treatment mechanisms. For Center’s residents PPAN NGO has always delivered professional and humanitarian assistance on behalf of peer consular, social workers, psychologists and lawyers. As a result of that collaboration, Karen was tested on HIV and Tuberculosis.

It was diagnosed that Karen has had HIV and lung TB. With the support of our NGO he was transported from the shelter to the TB Center.

During his stay at the TB Center, our NGO staff was again with Karen and that’s why issues such as getting a disability group and being included in the family benefit system were revealed quickly. The whole package of documents was also prepared under the support and supervision of our NGO staff up to the lost passport replacement. Within Karen’s stay at NTC there was a need for the procedure of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain. In the Republic of Armenia, if a person is not involved in the list of vulnerable and individual groups approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, even if socially insecure, he/she may not be required to pass the required MRI free of charge.

Here again, the joint work of the Rehabilitation Center and PPAN NGO helped to find the amount of money needed for the research. The “The house on the hill” organization transferred the collected money to the PPAN NGO representatives and they transmitted Karen to the hospital and conduct MRI research. Here it should be noted that this case was developed during New Year’s Eve and negligence of healthcare providers and negotiations with nearly closed institutions were situations requiring great human potential and incomparable dedication of our NGO staff.

Now Karen is still in hospital treatment phase of TB. We insuring that his care, support, clothing and food packages is providing will be provided by the NGO and kind people in future as well.

… as regards Karen’s feeling, it is incomparably better.

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