National TB Platform has been launched

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National TB Platform has been launched

On December 9-10, 2019 at the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia with the initiative and partnership of Global TB Caucus, TB REP 2 and ‘’Positive People Armenian Network’’ Social NGO an unique meeting was held which pursuited to launch National TB Platform.

Participants of the meeting were senior officials from the National Assemblies of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Georgia, Standing Committee on Health Care and Social Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, WHO National Office, National TB Center and Republican Center for AIDS Prevention and members of the public sector.

During the two-days event to the MPs were introduced the overall situation of TB, TB/HIV in RA, trends of the spread of diseases, prevention activities, opportunities of  Social order/contract, Challenges of Global TB Caucus, attitude and behavior of international community in order to prevent Tuberculosis, Summary of UN High Level Meeting.

Arman Avchyan (representative of ‘’Positive People Armenian Network’’ Soc. NGO and TB/HIV community) within the meeting spoke about the Declaration of the Rights of People Affected by Tuberculosis, calling once to pay attention on stigma and discrimination issues against TB patients.

This meeting once again brought to the attention of senior government officials the issue of eliminating TB by 2030 and the urgent need of direct involvement of the state sector to achieve it. One of the first steps towards achieving this goal was the signing of the Barcelona Declaration by the seven deputies presented at the meeting. By doing so, they were ready to take steps to stop the TB epidemic in Armenia.

Then Global TB Caucus representatives met with the representatives of the National TB Center, where the achievements, problems and possible solutions of the healthcare systems in the field of TB in Armenia and Georgia were discussed.

It is an undeniable fact that this kind and format meeting was organized for the first time which should also serve to reduce TB mortality and overcome the epidemic.

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